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Hospitals are typically responsible for double the electrical energy use for lighting compared to other similar commercial buildings.

Hospital Corridor

The quality and overall requirements of lighting within hospitals and other healthcare institutions is obviously a crucial issue. At a time when energy efficiency is near the top of the agenda, assessing and implementing the correct solution is highly important.

Energy consumption within hospitals is high owing partly to the 24/7 usage of the buildings. Much of the lighting used is not only inefficient in terms of its energy usage, but also there are no controls in place to automate its use in relation to variable occupancy and presence of daylight.

Our leading LED technologies help deliver high quality light at reduced running costs. This is achieved by combining leading lamp and luminaire design with intelligent sensor controls, which intelligently turn fittings on and off (or dim them down) when there are no people present or there is a certain level of ambient daylight present.

A solution tailored to your exact needs: The installation is expertly designed and commissioned to tailor the lighting usage to meet the specific requirements of a particular area or room; whether it be a corridor, store room, hospital ward, etc.

- High quality light output
- Reduced Energy Costs
- Reduced Environmental Impact
- Automated controls to deliver intelligent usage.
- Flicker free light source for comfortable surroundings
- Long lamp life
- Reduced maintenance costs and associated disruption