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This game has been developed as a teaching tool designed to help you learn more about Norovirus.

The Norovirus game was developed at University College London Hospitals. It was observed that every year after the Norovirus season, staff were completely on the ball and functioning at a high level to prevent and control Norovirus outbreaks. Unfortunately every year before Norovirus season, staff had either forgotten lessons learnt or a new group of staff had joined: We decided to create something which could prepare organisations and staff for Norovirus season. Extensive research indicated that the best way to do it was to:

- Not give a talk or lecture as attendees quickly switched off their brain and switched on their mobile
- Make it something where they talked to each other a lot as that's what they wanted to do anyway
- Make it competitive and preferably offer prizes - preferably food related
- Make it as fun and easy as possible particularly for the person delivering it

The Norovirus game has now been in use at UCLH for nearly two years and is still played. We decided that it was too useful to keep to ourselves and decided to get it produced and distributed. We were mindful that no one has any money to spare in healthcare and so we sought sponsorship to make it freely available as far as possible. We are really grateful for the support of our sponsors and everyone who has helped to produce and distribute this game.

I hope you enjoy the game and that it helps you in preventing and controlling Norovirus.

Annette Jeanes, Nurse Consultant and Director of Infection Prevention and Control, UCLH NHS Foundation Trust